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Women's Ministry/ECW
 of St. John's


Focal Contacts: Barbara Taylor (Co-Chair), Sharon Hunter (Co-Chair), Roslyn Sealy (Co-Secretary), Cynthia Stephens (Treasurer), Gwendolyn Cardoza (Co-Secretary)


Every woman who belongs to the Episcopal Church is a member of the ECW/Women's Ministry. The purpose of this organization is to assist the women of the Episcopal Church to carry on Christ's work in the world and to take their place in the life, governance and worship of the church. We participate for the spriritual growth, fellowship, service, education, leadership training, and mission focus. Here at St. John's, we meet the second Sunday of each month and usually sponsor the Women's Day Program and Luncheon. We usually sponsor one or two other fund raisers during the year. The monies collected are used for the OUTREACH programs. We also oversee the collection of food for the Episcopal Community Services, school supplies for the needy children, adopt-a-family at Christmas, send knitted sweaters to children worldwide, hats and scarves to Seaman's Church Institute, and coordinate efforts for United Thank Offering. From time to time we take on other projects. No special invitation is necessary.


The ECW Archdeaconry of Queens
Spring Membership Meeting

The Queens ECW Spring Meeting was held on Saturday, April 18th at St. Luke's Church, 85 Greenway Street, Forest Hills, NY. We opened with Mass at 10AM and The Thomas F. Reese, Rector was the celebrant. After Mass, ECW members adjourned to the Parish hall for coffee and bagels. Gues soeaker was, Ms. Sharika Gordon, VP of Human Resources, St. John's Hospital, Far Rockaway. Next meeting of the Queens ECW Archdeaconry will be held in September at St. Joseph's Church/Queens Village. Exact date will be forthcoming.

QueensECWSpringMeeting/ECWSpringMembershipMtg041715k.JPG QueensECWSpringMeeting/ECWSpringMembershipMtg041715j.JPG QueensECWSpringMeeting/ECWSpringMembershipMtg041715i.JPG QueensECWSpringMeeting/ECWSpringMembershipMtg041715h.JPG
QueensECWSpringMeeting/ECWSpringMembershipMtg041715g.JPG QueensECWSpringMeeting/ECWSpringMembershipMtg041715f.JPG QueensECWSpringMeeting/ECWSpringMembershipMtg041715e.JPG QueensECWSpringMeeting/ECWSpringMembershipMtg041715d.JPG
QueensECWSpringMeeting/ECWSpringMembershipMtg041715c.JPG QueensECWSpringMeeting/ECWSpringMembershipMtg041715b.JPG QueensECWSpringMeeting/ECWSpringMembershipMtg041715a.JPG QueensECWSpringMeeting/ECWSpringMembershipMtg041715.JPG



Women's  Ministry
Eleventh Annual Luncheon


Iyabo Fadairo, Esq.
ECW/Women's Ministry Speech

Iyabo Fadairo, ESQ - ECW/Women's Ministry Speech


Women's  Ministry
Tenth Annual Luncheon

Women Ministry Honorees

On March 11th, 2012 the Women's Ministry held its Tenth Annual Women's Day Celebration and Luncheon. Honorees: Mrs.Barbara Taylor, Mrs. Joan Lee & Mrs. Phyllis White. Special thanks to all our supporters and attendees! Click Here Fore More Pictures
Women's  Ministry
Eighth Annual Luncheon

Women Ministry Honorees

On March 14th, the Women's Ministry held its Eighth Annual Women's Day Celebration and Luncheon. Honorees: Mrs. Uriel Adams, Mrs. Lottie Carney, Mrs. Mary Cox, Mrs. Edith Moore, Mrs. Iona Norville, Mrs. Eleanor Robinson, Mrs. Roslyn Sealy, Mrs. Monica Waterman. Special thanks to all our supporters and attendees! CLICK HERE for More Pictures
Women's  Ministry
Ninth Annual Luncheon

Women Ministry Honorees

On March 13th, 2011 the ECW/Women's Ministry of St. John's honored the following ladies: Mrs. Gwendolyn Cardoza, Earlene Sealy and Sharon Hunter. Special thanks to all our supporters and attendees! CLICK HERE for More Pictures


The Women's Ministry of St. John's Episcopal Church, Springfield Gardens, NY is committed to helping women of all ages connect with each other as they pursue Jesus Christ. There are a variety of ways to become involved. Please contact Monica Harrison or Barbara Taylor, both Co-Chairs of the St. John's Episcopal Church Women's Mininstry of St. John's in Springfield Gardens, NY for more details, or visit this site for regular updates. We meet every 2nd Sunday on our church premises at 137-67 Belknap Street, Springfield Gardens, NY 11413. 


Under the leadership of our first rector, Fr. Jean J. Michel, the ECW chapter of St. John's was born. Mrs. Catherine Ammons was the first chapter president. The women came together to support the mission of the National ECW, that is, to support all women in their mission and ministry in the world. It was a very active group which sponsored an annual women's day, raised funds, worked in the Vacation Bible School and was the outreach arm of the parish. During the tenure of our second rector, Fr. Gerald Collins, the ECW was renamed as the Women's Ministry of St. John's: A new name, but the same mission - outreach, the support of the national and diocesan ECW and using our gifts and talents to do God's work.

Every woman who is a member of the Episcopal Church is an Episcopal Church Woman. Some are active and some are not. About 30% of the women of St. John participate.

We use our gifts to serve one another and to glorify God with our talents and treasure. We are the outreach arm of St. John's. We are about the mission of the church; to feed the hungry, tend the sick, care for the homeless, and reach out to those in need, "the least of them."

• Manage the collection of food for Episcopal Community Services
• Make and send sweaters to Knits for Kids which delivers sweaters to needy children at home and overseas
• Make and send hats and scarves to Seaman's Church Institute which delivers them to seamen far from home at Christmas
• Collect toiletries for incarcerated and battered women
• Support the Jean J. Michel Scholarship Fund
• Donate to the Susan Komen Cancer Fund
• Support Episcopal Relief and Development
• Donate to The Diabetes Association
• Contribute to the Church Periodical Club
• Donate to Pediatric Aids at Queens Hospital
• Support the American Heart Association
• Make and send blankets & baby items to St. John's Episcopal Hospital Pediatric Unit


In the undercroft of St. John's Episcopal Church, Springfield Gardens, NY

On the second Sunday of every month except July and August


• Time
• Commitment
• $5/month - dues


• International Brunch and Nickel Social
• Women's Day Program and Luncheon
• Play/Luncheon/Trip





Women's Ministry/ECW Contact Focals 

Sharon Hunter (Co-Chair)

Barbara Taylor (Co-Chair)

Cynthia Stephens - Treasurer

Gwendolyn Cardoza (Co-Secretary)
Roslyn Sealy (Co-Secretary)