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St. John's Photo Gallery!!


Youth Group
Pre-Mother's Day Breakfast


The St. John's Episcopal Church Youth Group held it's annual Pre-Mother's Day Breakfast event on Saturday, May 4th at St. John's Episcopal Church. We would like to extend a special thanks to the Youth Group leaders, Cheryl Boyce, Roxann Samuels & Dayo Corley and to the members of the Youth Group who hosted and served the diners with a variety of delicious breakfast choices (Pancakes, Chicken & Waffles to name a few).
Click here to view pictures of the event. 

Youth Group
Pre-Mother's Day Breakfast

YGPreMothersDayBreakfast2013/YGPMDB2013j.JPG YGPreMothersDayBreakfast2013/YGPMDB2013i.JPG YGPreMothersDayBreakfast2013/YGPMDB2013h.JPG YGPreMothersDayBreakfast2013/YGPMDB2013g.JPG
YGPreMothersDayBreakfast2013/YGPMDB2013f.JPG YGPreMothersDayBreakfast2013/YGPMDB2013e.JPG YGPreMothersDayBreakfast2013/YGPMDB2013d.JPG YGPreMothersDayBreakfast2013/YGPMDB2013c.JPG
YGPreMothersDayBreakfast2013/YGPMDB2013b.JPG YGPreMothersDayBreakfast2013/YGPMDB2013a.JPG YGPreMothersDayBreakfast2013/YGPMDB2013.JPG

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