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Springfield Gardens, NY 11413
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'Established 1926'

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webassets/Fotolia_1746599_S.jpgA wooden firehouse was the setting for the first celebration of Holy Communion at St. John's in 1923; however, the official date of organization was October 1926. The present church was erected just prior to the depression of 1929.

In the early fifties, after Word War II, under the vicarship of Father Jerome Harris, the first Black Episcopal families became a part of the life of St. John's. In 1959 Father Louis Ferrara succeeded Father Harris. During this time, St. John's was in a period of growth- teenagers taught Church School, sang in the choir and were actively involved in Episcopal Youth Church (EYC) activities at the Diocesan level. The Willing Workers did their share as well as the Altar Guild.

Father Herman P. Stone was appointed Vicar January 1, 1970. During his ministry, the newly formed Social action Committee sponsored barbeques, carnivals, and Family Day celebrations honoring our youth's accomplishments during the scholastic year. The Undercroft was transformed into a mini "Town Hall" which was made available to the community and civic organizations. Father Stone celebrated his last Holy Eucharist at St. John's February 9, 1975. Following Father Stone's leaving, St. John's received spiritual guidance from supply priests, the Rev. Charles Herrick and the Rev. Nicholas Dand, and from the Venerable William Penny, Archdeacon of Queens and Nassau.

Our next vicar was Father Jean J. Michel. The Right Reverend Robert Witcher, Bishop of Long Island, appointed him. Father Michel introduced the celebration of midweek House Communion that enabled shut-ins to witness with other members of the congregation. He added "Christian" to the name of the Social Action Committee to foster a better approach to Christian Education and, in 1984 introduced the Annual Leadership Conference with an overnight workshop at Rutgers University, New Jersey.

In 1985, inspired by the Day of Renewal Workshop chaired by the Rev. Dr. Nathan Wright, Family Area Groups were formed at St. John's. These groups provide opportunities for every member of the church to exercise a role in the total ministry of the church. The groups are now called Pastoral Area Groups and constitute a small church unit that function as a "Faith Community" to enable each member to grow in awareness of God's presence and action in their daily lives.

Our Vacation Bible School, originally sponsored by the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, started in the summer of 1985. This volunteer activity made St. John's presence known in the surrounding community.